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Delivering powerful digital media & marketing solutions

DoraCrea Digital has partnered with Fireworks Solutions, a Malaysian award-winning technology design and innovation firm that specialises in mobility and internet based marketing services for clients in South East Asia. Together, we are bringing technological solutions to corporate clients in Mauritius and Africa. 

Digital Media Strategy

We have the expertise to analyse, advise your best Digital Media strategy for better online visibility of your business for a greater outreach. Our Digital Media services consist of a comprehensive portfolio of Digital Contents, Story Telling, Visuals and Video promotions.

Email Marketing


Digital Marketing

We provide advisory services to help corporate clients create, streamline and optimize the best digital marketing strategy and safeguard your business for a higher Return on Marketing Investment while making your online visibility and outreach global.

UX/Interactive Design

Interaction design is one of the most critical facets of user experience design. It captivates and promising them experiences uniquely responsive to their decisions and actions. Our Mobile App team can create the best In-App services to give hassle-free UX.

E-Commerce Website

As a privileged Partner for WIX, we are designing and managing websites for our Corporate clients from Retailing, Consultancy Services, Event Management and on-line shopping. Our clients span from Dubai, Seychelles, Reunion Island and Mauritius

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It's also a cultural change that requires organisations to continually challenge the status quo. 

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