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About DoraCrea Digital

Over 10 years of combined Digital Transformation and Marketing experience


Established in 2013, DoraCrea is a leading Training Service Provider for Digital Marketing, Business Innovation, Digital Transformation and Data Science structured certification training. 


As the world and its consumers become more digital, a company’s success is contingent on how digital it can become. The whole customer journey needs to be powered by effective use of digital platforms, online marketing strategies and the latest technologies for a seamless consumer experience. While training can only develop the digital skill-sets of our professional learners, we have realised the necessity for them to effectively use digital platforms and mobile apps to fulfil the Digital Transformation agenda to better serve the digital consumer of today. 


It is against this backdrop that we have set up DoraCrea Digital to accompany these corporate clients in getting the right technologies in the whole digital customer journey. We have partnered with Fireworks, a flagship tech company in Malaysia to leverage on their domain expertise to bring promising technological innovation for our corporate clients in Mauritius and Africa.

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