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Certified Digital Marketing Professional

14 January 2021

17:00 - 19:30

DoraCrea Training


“The European Digital Competence Framework, also known as DigComp, offers a tool to improve citizen's digital competence. Today, being digitally competent means that people need to have competences in all areas of DigComp”. (EU SCIENCE HUB) >> Learn More

The DIGITAL COMPETENCE WHEEL is a self assessment tool which analyses your current digital skills and was developed based on the DigComp 2.0 Framework.


Develop Your Future - Proof Skills in Digital TransformationInnovation, FinTech, Coding, Agile Business Management and Entrepreneurship. All our Certification Courses are delivered online.

Our International Flagship Training Partners

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Certified Digital Marketing Professional

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global standard in Digital Marketing qualification with over 20,000 certified professionals Worldwide. DoraCrea is the DMI Accredited Partner in Mauritius and Designated territories in Africa. We have Trained and Certified more than 100 Digital Marketing Professionals.

Certified Finance and Technology Professional

CFT is the benchmark Certified Finance & Technology qualification designed for professionals in the Banking, Insurance, Investment, Offshore and trading Sectors. CFT is an Approved Provider of continuing education programs for CFA Institute Members.  Doracrea is the approved CFT Partner in Mauritius.

Certified Innovation Professional

Developed by the Global Innovation Management Institute [GIMI], Boston, USA, the Certified Business Innovation Management is meant for professionals from any functional areas interested to learn and apply the tools and techniques to efficiently Implement and Manage Business Innovation Breakthroughs.

Fintech Foundation and AI in Finance

This on-line Masterclass will help professionals working in the financial sector acquiring an up-to-date knowledge in FinTech Development,  boost  your professional skills and having a 360 degree view  on the FinTech Ecosystem.  You will be able to understand AI and its opportunities, challenges and future applications.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

This online course introduces the learner to the concept of Blockchain and describes how its rapid development has revolutionised the way that data can be stored without the need for a central authority. It explains how Blockchain operates and provides examples of its potential use throughout the  world.



We have partnered with  CodeTantra, India, for the delivery of the Programming courses. With their unique intelligent interactive learning platform, learners are  guaranteed to be able to write code upon completion of the learning program.

Enhance your

Digital IQ

​This is a fast pace on-line training allowing participants to get a hands-on understanding on  Digital Concepts like Big Data, Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning, IoT and Cybersecurity.  This programme is developed by Certificate in Finance and Technology [CFT].

Online Business Management 

The Online Business Management Courses is for anyone looking to enhance their skills and pursue a professional British education at their convenience. The web based modules allow students to learn what they want, when they want and facilitates a much faster, more affordable and engaging way to learn. is a platform owned and managed by DoraCrea Training to promote and deliver Future-Proof Skills required  by professionals  to enable them to embrace a career in the Knowledge Economy. DoraCrea is a registered training institution by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) and is located in the  Curepipe, Republic of Mauritius. 


Launched in 2013, DoraCrea has positioned itself as a major player in the field of Digital Transformation Training and Consultancy  with a host of Innovative Global Accredited Certification courses with on-line training contents.


DoraCrea has affiliated itself with the Digital Marketing Institute, the Global Innovation Management Institute - GIMI Boston USA, the Certificate in Finance and Technology - CFT UK, the National University of Singapore to leverage on their valued knowledge and domain expertise related to Global Digital Transformation Certification Qualifications.  DoraCrea is at the forefront for sharing  these Knowledge and Skills to help individuals of leading organisations to be Agile and successfully embrace the right Digital Eco-system in the Digital Transformation Management Agenda.  Industry 4.0 is characterized by the change on the flow of value from centrally designed and resource-intensive products to knowledge-intensive decentralized services designed and produced with strong support from Advanced Analytics and IA throughout the digital transformation process.

All our Certified Digital Masterclasses are designed to be relevant to the job market demand, affordable to the Mauritian and African Market requirements and delivered to high standards with strategic focus to develop the digital skill set of professionals in Mauritius, the Indian Ocean Islands and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our trainers are industry professionals with solid experience in their respective fields and adopt result oriented approaches.

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Amreen Duman

Mc Millan Woods

Digital Marketing Masterclass

The Digital Marketing Masterclass run at Doracrea is a perfect programme to stay updated with online marketing concepts and strategies in the modern corporate world.

The course is greatly interactive and interesting. I highly recommend it

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