Hadoop + Big Data Coding

Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for big data applications in scalable clusters of computer servers. It's at the center of an ecosystem of big data technologies that are primarily used to support advanced analytics initiatives, including predictive analytics, data mining and machine learning.

Course Objectives & Outcome

Who is the Course For

  • Working Software professionals who want to up-skill themselves to be Data Engineers

  •  Professional who want to change domain and become Data Scientists

  • Students in Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses who would like to learn Hadoop and Big Data

What You Will Learn

Introduction to BigData and Hadoop - This section introduces the various concepts of BigData and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

MapReduce - This section teaches how to write MapReduce code in Java.

Pig and Hive - This section teaches how to work with Pig and Hive.

Course Fees

Price:​ MUR 44,500

The course fees include the following:

  • MQA approved - up to 70% HRDC Refundable 

  • Face to face sessions

  • Self paced online learning platform


  • Beginning of May - Date to be confirmed soon


Student will be able to master the following:

  • Big Data, HDFS

  • Map Reduce

  • Linux commands, Pig and Hive


  • A thorough understanding of what is Big Data and how to handle it.

  • Hands-on working knowledge on using HDFS, Map Reduce, Pig and Hive. 

  • Certificate

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