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About the Fintech Foundation Course

The “Fintech Foundation Course” is an online course developed by the Centre of Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE). The objective of the course is to educate professionals on the changes brought by technology
to the financial industry. 
Participants will learn from world class experts and receive the insights from inspirational speakers such as Claire Calmejane (Director of innovation at Lloyds), Rob Frohwein (CEO of Kabbage, a Fintech “unicorn”), Ronit Ghose (Global Head of Bank Research at Citi) and many others.

The curriculum is designed by 4 senior lecturers who created Fintech courses at major universities and will demystify what is happening in finance. It will provide students with an overview of the main Fintech trends, the main technological changes (Blockchain, APIs...), focus on new emerging sectors within the financial industry and look at the main players driving the growth of the Fintech ecosystem.

Once the participants successfully complete the 16 modules, they will receive a Certificate of Completion from CFTE. 

Who is this Course for?

Finance Professionals



Consultants & Lawyers

Upon completion of the Fintech Foundation Course, participants will be expected to:​

  • Describe the impact that technology is having on different sectors of finance.

  • Demonstrate different models of innovation in finance.

  • Identify the players who are building Finance 2.0.

  • Evaluate the important technological trends that are impacting finance.

  • Recognise the opportunities brought by FinTech to the finance industry


  • Learn the foundations of finance at your own pace, with a curriculum designed by 4 senior lecturers.

  • Get insights from those who are building Finance 2.0, from heads of innovation to startup CEOs & investors.

  • Get the global picture, from the US, Europe to Asia.

  • Learn the important concepts, know the fast growing companies of Fintech.

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion delivered by CFTE upon successful completion.

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