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Boost your IQ Skills to Digital


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Online Learning

The Digital IQ program is designed to help you future-proof your career by giving you access to knowledge on the latest tech innovations, broken down into easy to digest chunks. We ensure that you are up to date with the latest trends impacting the industry right now.

Course Overview

Program Learning Outcomes and Contents


Target Audience

  • Beginner to intermediate

  • Anyone being disrupted by Technology

Technological transformations are happening independent of your industry or sector. Identify the gaps and prioritise actions in your Digital Strategy that will complement your Business Strategy. Our structured Online Course is designed to help you understand all aspects of the new Digital Landscape.

How AI Works

The Cloud

Big Data

Internet of Things

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Cyber Security

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Key Areas of Tech Innovation Covered

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Online Video Based Lectures

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Own Pace Learning

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Online Exam

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Assessment that Aids Learning

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Certificate of Completion

What Do I Get?


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Asha Gungadin

Sun Resorts

"With all the hype around digitalization, it is difficult to understand what it is all about especially if you do not swim in the digital waters.  Digital IQ Course provides you with the fundamentals of digitalization and the necessary jargon to keep up with conversations in this area. I would definitely recommend this training."