Digital Innovation and Service Design Masterclass

Develop leadership and strategy capabilities to lead digital transformation initiatives in your organisation. Harness and experience the benefits of our digital leadership programmes brought to you by DoraCrea in partnership with the National University Singapore through its Institute of Systems Science [NUS-ISS] Executive Education.

The role of the ICT leader has evolved from being one who implements IT solutions supporting the organisation’s strategy, to one who is a significant contributor to the organisation’s digital strategy and survival. 

NUS-ISS leadership courses provide the participants the opportunity to learn from IT-savvy business leaders on the essential skills, practices and mind-set in the digital age. The courses provide the environment where current and potential digital leaders can network and learn amongst peers from various industries in becoming future Digital Leaders. 

Are you ready to be the Digital Leader that anticipates the future, crafting your organisation’s digital strategy and communicates confidently with your CEO? ​​

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Key Takeaways

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the central concepts of Design Thinking to innovation projects

  • Approach service innovation from an outside-in perspective and understand the process for evolving a fuzzy idea into a fully envisioned service concept.

  • Understand how to conduct user research and synthesize data from multiple sources in order to discover unmet needs and develop ideas.

  • Understand and use tools such as personas, customer journey mapping, service blueprinting and storytelling  to realize  service innovation

  • Illustrate a new service innovation concept and explain its value proposition and the outcome intended for the customer

  • Carry out low fidelity prototyping of a proposed innovation concept to evaluate, adapt and refine the idea

Who Should Attend

This course is applicable to practitioners and managers who need to know how to apply design thinking to evolve ideas from abstract to service concept and design.

This course has been designed for Service, Product, and Project Managers seeking to extend their innovation skillset. The course will be relevant to:

  • Product Development Managers

  • Service Improvement Teams

  • Product and Service Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Innovation Managers

  • Quality & Process Improvement Managers

  • Marketing Managers & Executives

  • Customer Service Managers


Meet The Trainers


Ms. Lim Wee Khee


Digital Innovation & Design Practice


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Joshua Teo.JPG

Mr.  Joshua Teo

Lead, Experience Design 


NUS-ISS Adjunct

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Digital Innovation and Service Design - January 2019 Training