Certified HR Data Analytics

About the Program

Improving HR:The aim of this program is to show and demonstrate how data analytics  can be applied to business problems that impact a human resources department initiatives.

Data Analytics: The program will investigate various models and will identify data  sources for modelling HR business problem. The program will develop a backbone  database and reporting system that can be taken away and evolved by staff internally within  their departments.

Improving Reporting: Aside from building interactive dashboards you will also step  through on how to ensure your HR reporting can be aligned to the ISO 30414 standard,  some aspects of HR reporting we will explore include:

● Role of HR in monitoring for organisational health, safety and well-being

● Case studies on score cards for skills and capabilities matrix in company-          wide HR

● Leading practices for succession planning and workforce availability                 addressed

Improving Date Capture : The program will clearly identify what types of data needs  to be captured from different aspects of the business so that effective HR analytics can be  carried out. You will be able to see a road map for your HR needs.

Departmental Integration : An attempt to understand the different needs of  stakeholders throughout the business will be explained with HR examples, case studies  for HR surveys and needs analysis are shared.

Learning Outcomes

  • Why Data Analytics is important for HR functions 

  • What is required for best practice HR reporting 

  • What data sets need to be collected

  • How a Data Analytics can improve HR processes

Who Should Attend?

  • HR units in companies

  • Teams that have to report on staff  performance.

  • Analysts that assess competency or  satisfaction of employees.

  •  HR Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • Staff working in HR reporting functions.

Certified HR Data Analytics 2019 Training 

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