Learn C - Coding Online - 3 Day FREE Trial

The course fully covers the basics of “C” programming language and demonstrates the fundamental programming techniques.

Course Content

Target Audience

  • Undergraduate / Postgraduate Students

  • Professionals who want to up-skill or shift to the IT domain

  • Anyone new to development or aspiring to take a new language

  • Fundamentals of C

  • Data Types

  • Control Flow Statements

  • Text Processing

  • Storage Classes

  • Pointers, Files, Unions

Key Takeaways

  • Basic structure and steps to write a C program

  • Creation, Compilation and Execution of a C program

  • Explain the concept of a variable and declare, initialise and modify variables of data types int, double and char

Course Details

MUR 44,500

MQA Approved

Self Paced Online Learning Platform

Career Prospects

Software Developer

Game Programmer

Embedded Engineer


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